kalavati's Journal

The things you value say something about you, right? (And your willingness to share them say something about your arrogance, eh?)

The coolest things people have ever said about me:

"You're the only person I ever met that preferred atheism b/c otherwise the gods would smite her..." (Krysten)

"It's like poetry..." (Sky about 'Our Fire, My Ice'; Elske and Krysten about my writing in general)

"I miss you." (Lisa)

"[You're] a charming, engaging, and intelligent lady..." (Bryan)

"I love you, hun." (Victor)

"Wow... you're so _good_, you know that?" (Elske, after reading first Ed-sketch)


"My friends pretend they're strange, but you're the only one who actually /is/." (Liz)

Me: You must have no other weird friends...
Thu: You're the freakiest of them all.

Bryan asked me what I wanted, if I could have one thing, and I told him, "Recognition." He said, "Strange, I didn't expect that one from you...though I saw it...But the image I saw was you standing on a golden pillar that was so high you could make out the shapes of all the continents..."

"Compliments from you..Man..That's like God telling you 'Good work!'..." (Laura)

"i love you ... you're like my best friend ... you always make me feel better" (Thu)

"You make everything sound so poetic...beautiful, somehow, even when in reality it's anything but." (Elske)

"You're sooo good lol... you make us all look like 2nd graders." (Lina, after reading my intro paragraph for the demon spawn essay)

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